Best Lawn Mower for Wet Grass 2023 (A Comprehensive List)

If you’re looking for the best lawn mower for wet grass, then a gas-powered lawn mower seems to be the better option over an electric one.

Parameters such as terrain and grass types should also be taken into account, and a lawn mower fitted with a gas engine could provide ample power to tackle various types of wet grass and terrains, including thick or overgrown tall grass.

Zero-turn mowers are a good choice if you live on a larger lot, which is more than ½ acre. These types of mowers offer exceptional maneuverability and could significantly save your mowing time.

Best lawn mower for wet grass
lawn mower for wet grass

Sure, here’s a comparison table for these three lawnmowers. Please note that the price hasn’t been included as per your request.

Additionally, the cons have been left out to focus only on the distinctive features and benefits each lawnmower offers:

Lawn MowerEngine PowerCutting WidthFeaturesDurability/Convenience
SENIX Gas Lawn Mower, Blue125cc Briggs & Stratton Engine21 inches2-in-1 feature (mulching and side discharge), 6-position dual-lever height adjustmentDurability to handle wet grass, 8-inch wheels for great maneuverability, convenient fold-down handle for easy storage, includes engine oil and 3-year limited warranty
Yard Force Gas Lawn Mower 22-inch150cc Briggs & Stratton Engine22 inchesSingle lever cutting height adjustment, self-propelled functionRobust 12-inch rear wheels for steady grip, space-saving vertical storage design
YARDMAX 21 in. 170cc 2-in-1 Gas Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower170cc engine21 inches2-in-1 mowing and mulching capabilityHigh rear wheels for functioning across varied terrains

Best lawn mower for wet grass 2023

When choosing the best lawn mower for wet grass, consider its cutting quality. The blades should be sharp and durable to cleanly slice through damp grass. Secondly, the mower’s power source impacts its effectiveness on wet terrain.

Gas-powered mowers have a higher power output, making them suitable for tougher conditions. However, electric models are getting more advanced and could suffice.

Look for mowers with enhanced traction since wet grass can be slippery. Lastly, always assess the mower’s leveling options as different height settings are required to adequately cut wet grass. Proper height adjustment prevents the lawn from getting scalped, promoting healthier growth.

SENIX Gas Lawn Mower, Blue

Having used the SENIX Gas Lawn Mower for a while now, I found it to be an excellent high-performing powerhouse ideal for dealing with wet grass.

Its 21-inch cutting width which provides a large cutting area is excellently durable and is powered by a 125 cc 4-cycle Briggs & Stratton E450 Engine.

This robust engine has repeatedly proven to be reliable, tackling each mowing session efficiently with impressive power.

However, the same strength can sometimes make it challenging to handle, especially when mowing a lawn with many tight corners.

For those with more open yards, you’ll revel in its 2-in-1 durable steel deck, nearly rendering the wetness of the grass as a non-issue. The capability to mulch and side discharge fairly well in varied weather conditions is a strong point. The mower’s 6-position dual-lever height adjustment is a fantastic feature, you can quickly adjust the cutting height from 1.25-inches to 3.75-inches, giving that perfect trim to your lawn.

Of particular note are the 8-inch wheels of the Senix Gas Lawn Mower. Their durability straddles any ground with excellent traction. Maneuverability in tight spaces is also a breeze thanks to its ergonomic handle. However, on slightly sloping grounds, the wheels tend to slip, a minor inconvenience in an otherwise stellar performance.

The fold-down handle deserves a mention for its convenience, enabling the machine to be easily stored. A bonus is that the mower comes with engine oil and a 3-year limited warranty, a hallmark of SENIX’s commitment to quality.

Here’s the summarized breakdown of pros and cons of the SENIX Gas Lawn Mower:


✅ Powerful 125cc Briggs & Stratton Engine
✅ Large 21-Inch cutting width
✅ 2-in-1 steel deck with mulching and side discharge
✅ 6-Position height adjustment
✅ Durable and maneuverable 8-inch wheels
✅ Foldable design for easy storage
✅ Comes with engine oil and a 3-year limited warranty


❌ Can be challenging to handle in tight corners
❌ Wheels tend to slip on slopes

unique selling points

The unique selling point of the SENIX Gas Lawn Mower is its ability to showcase a blend of power, performance, and precision, making it an excellent choice for lawns with wet grass.


 I would highly recommend the SENIX Gas Lawn Mower. Its winning combination of the powerful engine, large cutting width, and a 2-in-1 steel deck offer a seamless mowing experience on wet grass. Despite slight hitches regarding maneuverability in tight spaces and wheel traction on slopes, its pros overwhelmingly outweigh its cons. With the assurance of a 3-year limited warranty, I am confident in this lawnmower’s longevity and reliability. Therefore, in consideration of its performance on wet grass, the SENIX Gas Lawn Mower stands as an excellent investment for any homeowner.

Yard Force Gas Lawn Mower 22-inch

The Yard Force Gas Lawn Mower YF22-3N1SP is a trailed and tested go-to for lawn maintenance, even in challenging wet grass conditions. The first feature that attracted me was its 22-inch cutting width.

The breadth gives wider cutting coverage, reducing the amount of time needed to manicure the entire lawn to perfection.

This mower is powered by a 150 cc Briggs & Stratton engine which, in my experience, offered fantastic power and performance. It made mowing less strenuous, requiring less effort to push it through even dense wet grass. It is self-propelled, making it almost glide across the lawn, elevating the entire mowing experience.

However, it’s essential to remember that, due to its power, some control might be compromised especially in smaller and constrictive spaces.

A major highlight of the Yard Force Gas Lawn Mower is the single lever cutting height adjustment that overshadows a few handling challenges. This feature simplifies customizing the cut-height according to grass condition and individual preference, making it quite user-friendly.

The 12-inch rear wheels give the machine a stable and steady grip even on damp, slick grass. However, they could pose a bit of challenge on uneven terrain as they could lose their grip, causing the mower to slide or become unstable.

A distinguishing feature is the vertical storage design, which can save a lot of garage space, a great solution for those concerned about storage.

The pros and cons of the Yard force lawn mower are summarised below:


✅ Powerful Briggs & Stratton 150cc Engine
✅ 22-Inch cutting width
✅ Self-propelled function
✅ Single lever cutting height adjustment
✅ Large 12-inch rear wheels
✅ Space-saving vertical storage design


❌ Can pose control issues in small spaces
❌ Wheel grip can be unstable on uneven terrain

unique selling points

The Yard Force Gas Lawn Mower stands out for its combination of a powerful engine, wide cutting width, and the ingenious vertical storage design ideal for smaller storage spaces.


If you’re looking for a reliable, powerful, and easy-to-store lawnmower for wet grass, the Yard Force YF22-3N1SP is the answer. With its self-propelled maneuverability and single-lever height adjustment, it simplifies grass-cutting, turning it from a burdensome chore into an effortless task. However, it may require a bit of caution when dealing with smaller spaces due to its strength and uneven terrain to prevent slips. All things considered, the Yard Force Gas Lawn Mower’s advantages significantly outweigh any minor inconveniences, making it a worthy pick for owners looking to keep their lawns neat regardless of soggy conditions.

YARDMAX 21 in. 170cc 2-in-1 Gas Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower

The YARDMAX 21-inch 170cc 2-in-1 Gas Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower has been a trusty companion in my lawn care routine, a competitiveness derived from its efficacy even on wet grass conditions.

With a 21-inch blade, it comfortably provides ample cutting width which accelerates the task of a complete lawn trim.

Powered by a 170cc engine, the mower delivers its own in terms of strength and performance. It efficiently cuts through dense, wet grass, reducing the effort needed to maintain a beautifully manicured lawn.

However, it’s important to note that it is not self-propelled which means putting a little more elbow grease, especially on larger lawns, which can be demanding.

The 2-in-1 feature refers to its capacity to not only mow but to also mulch. This feels like getting two machines for the price of one! I do have to admit that while the mulching action is considerable, it can be a bit wanting when the grass is particularly wet.

Employing high rear wheels, the YARDMAX mower can effortlessly traverse over different terrains, providing superior traction on slick grass. However, the higher wheels also mean more ’tilt’; making it a tad tricky to manoeuvre on slopes.

Overall, this YARDMAX walk-behind push mower perfectly combines functionality and economy but does require a bit of ‘muscle’ when deployed on larger lawns.

Here’s a quick run-down of its pros and cons:


✅ Strong 170cc engine
✅ 21-Inch cutting width
✅ 2-in-1 mowing and mulching capability
✅ High rear wheels for multi-terrain utility


❌ Not self-propelled
❌ Mulching action can be weak on wet grass
❌ Tilt makes handling tricky on slopes

unique selling points

The YARDMAX 21-inch 170cc mower brings to the table a powerful engine, broad cutting width, utility of high rear wheels, and the benefit of a two-in-one mowing and mulching feature.


Despite a few hitches, the YARDMAX walk-behind push mower comes across as a strong contender for anyone keeping their eyes peeled for a reliable lawnmower for damp grass. Its combination of a potent engine, wide cutting range, and 2-in-1 utility certainly makes it worth considering. Furthermore, its high rear wheels help to maintain superior control while mowing, making it a pretty useful tool to maintain wet lawns. However, one needs to be ready to put in a little more physical effort as it’s a walk-behind push mower. Nevertheless, considering the quality and utility of the mower, it’s a small price to pay for beautifully maintained lawns, come rain or shine.

ZTR-TR Zero Turn Lawn Mower 

As someone who has a flair for landscaping and gardening, the ZTR-TR Zero Turn Lawn Mower Trimmer Rack for Landscaping Professionals has been a game changer in my lawn care regimen.

Intricately designed for zero-turn lawnmowers, it’s an accessory that complements, rather than competes, with your existing equipment.

The first feature that really caught my eye was the adjustable settings for a tailored fit. This versatility ensures that the rack can adjust to the trimmer’s unique characteristics, offering adequate support and ensuring its security during movement.

One commendable safety measure is the quick clamp that immobilises the trimmer from unanticipated rotation. This design keeps the trimmer aligned and steady on the rack, a feature much needed when working on wet grass.

The ZTR-TR Trimmer Rack is built using alloy steel ensuring its durability and resistance against the dynamic weather changes. It’s solid built ensures a long lifespan and reduced maintenance costs in the long run.

One downside is that for roll bars measuring more than 2 inches, it would necessitate the purchase of a separate u-bolt from a local hardware store. That said, the utility it provides greatly compensates for this minor inconvenience.

Here’s a succinct overview of its pros and cons:


✅ Made of robust and quality alloy steel
✅ Adjustable settings for a customized fit
✅ Quick clamp secures trimmer
✅ Locking capability with gun lock


❌ Requires separate u-bolt purchase for roll bars larger than 2 inches

unique selling points

The ZTR-TR Zero Turn Lawn Mower Trimmer Rack stands apart for its adjustability, quick clamp for securing the trimmer, and the robustness of its alloy steel construction.


 For any landscaping professional or hobbyist dealing with wet grass and wanting to keep their tools secure and within reach, the ZTR-TR Zero Turn Lawn Mower Trimmer Rack for Landscaping Professionals is a worthwhile investment. Its durable built, customizable fit, and quick clamp are significant benefits that outweigh the minor inconvenience of a separate u-bolt purchase for larger roll bars. It’s definitely a tool that adds utility and convenience to lawn mowing in wet conditions.

Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

As a seasoned homeowner and lawn enthusiast, I’ve been using the Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower for quite a while now, and I can confidently vouch for its exceptional performance, especially when dealing with wet grass.

In this review, I will share my experience, the good and the bad, to help those who seek the perfect lawn mower for wet grass conditions.

To start with, the powerful 26 HP Kohler engine offers impressive cutting power, making short work of even the most demanding lawns. The hydrostatic transmission ensures a smooth and efficient mowing experience, allowing effortless control and maneuvering – something that is vital when dealing with wet grass.

One aspect that truly stands out is the 54-inch cutting deck. This heavy-duty, reinforced deck offers consistently even and precise cuts, even on wet grass. Its exceptional cutting width means fewer passes, ultimately saving time and effort – a must-have feature for those larger lawns.

The zero-turn feature is another highlight of this mower. It’s incredibly easy to navigate around obstacles and turns, providing a faster mowing experience, particularly helpful when the ground is slippery due to wet conditions. However, it might take some time for new users to get accustomed to zero-turn controls.

Comfort is not compromised either, as the mower comes with an ergonomically designed seat and control panel. These features ensure that long mowing sessions don’t take a toll on your body, making the task much more enjoyable.

The only downside I’ve experienced is that the mower might struggle slightly when tackling very thick and tall wet grass, although this is expected with most mowers.


✅ Powerful 26 HP Kohler engine for efficient mowing
✅ Smooth hydrostatic transmission
✅ 54-inch cutting deck for wide mowing coverage
✅ Zero-turn capability for easy maneuverability
✅ Ergonomic seat and control panel for comfort


❌ Might struggle with extremely thick or tall wet grass


To sum up, the Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower is an exceptional choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient lawn mower tailored for wet grass conditions. Its powerful engine, hydrostatic transmission, and 54-inch cutting deck make lawn maintenance a breeze. Furthermore, the zero-turn capability and ergonomic design ensure comfortable and speedy operation all-session long. While it might struggle with extremely tall or thick wet grass, it still offers an overall superb performance, making it a worthy investment for lawn care enthusiasts. Give it a try, and I believe you won’t be disappointed.

Buying Guide

Before making a decision, consider not only the initial cost but also maintenance and operating costs to ensure you choose the best lawn mower for wet grass as per your needs and budget.

Buying Guide
Buying Guide

Type of Lawn Mower

There are three main types of lawn mowers: gas-powered, electric, and manual reel. Gas-powered mowers offer the most power, but they’re louder, require more maintenance, and have a higher carbon footprint. Electric mowers are quieter and more eco-friendly.

There are corded and cordless varieties, but both may lack the power of a gas mower. Manual reel mowers are eco-friendly and quiet, but require physical effort to push, making them unsuitable for larger lawns. Assess the size and terrain of your lawn alongside your own stamina before choosing.

Blade Quality

One of the most crucial features to look for when buying a lawn mower for wet grass is blade quality. Durable, sharp blades are essential for ensuring a clean and even cut.

Wet grass typically poses more resistance than dry grass; sharp blades are necessary to prevent tearing or unevenness. Consider a mower with easy-to-replace blades, as they will likely need sharpening over time.


Wet grass can cause the wheels of the mower to slip, making your job more difficult and potentially causing damage to your lawn. Lawn mowers with superior wheel traction are a smart choice for soggy conditions. Consider a mower with treaded tires or other enhanced traction features to ensure it can handle wet grass.

Cutting Height Adjustment

Cutting wet grass at the correct height is critical for the health of your lawn. Look for mowers with multiple cutting height adjustments. Cutting the grass too short can “scalp” the lawn, creating brown patches and weakening the grass’s health.

On the other hand, if the grass is too long, it could hold on to excess moisture, promoting disease. An adjustable height feature allows for the optimal cutting length in varying weather conditions.

Deck Size

The deck size of your lawn mower determines how wide a path it can cut. Larger deck sizes are beneficial for mowing large lawys quickly, but may not handle wet grass as well as a mower with a smaller deck size.

Wet grass tends to clump, and a wider deck means more grass to clump. Find a balance between efficient cutting and clumping prevention by considering your lawn’s size and how often it gets wet.

Easy Cleaning

Your mower will need to be cleaned regularly, particularly if used on wet grass. Grass debris can accelerate rusting, especially when it’s wet, thus affecting the longevity of your mower. Opt for a machine with easy-to-clean features, such as removable blades or a washout port, so you can keep your mower in excellent condition for as long as possible.


In conclusion, a lawn mower’s effectiveness on wet grass is determined by a host of considerations – type, blade quality, traction, height adjustment, deck size, and the ease of cleaning. Combining these features will result in a lawn mower capable of delivering high performance in damp conditions.

Deciding which mower is the ‘best’ depends on your specific needs and circumstances, including lawn size, personal strength, and budget. As a lawn owner, taking the time to research and choose wisely will help keep your lawn looking its very best, regardless of weather conditions.

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