How to Plant Succulents in Glass Bowl in 4 Easy Steps

Succulents in jar containers achieve two things – aesthetics and recycling.  Besides, since it combines plants and a DIY project, you can also gift it to friends and family. 

So, if you plan on learning how to plant succulents in glass bowl for decoration and gifting, you have come to the right place. 

How to plant succulents in glass bowl
succulents in a glass bowl

how to plant succulents in glass bowl (Step-by-Step Guide)

The process of planting succulents in a glass container is very straightforward. You only require a few easily available handful of materials to get going. 

Steps for planting succulents in a jar
Steps for planting succulents in a jar

Please follow along to know how to plant succulents in glass bowl easily. But first you would need the things that I am mentioning below.

Things you will need

  1. Soil.
  2. Miss.
  3. Sand and stones for decoration.
  4. Glass jar.
  5. Succulents .

Step 1: Get the succulents prepared

If the succulents come to you in another container, remove them. Remove the soil sticking to the roots, too, since most nurseries don’t use premium quality soil. If there are any dead or drippy leaves, remove them as well. Overall ensure that the plant’s appearance is on point. 

Step 2: Add soil to the jar

If you are selecting a used yogurt jar or any other type of jar, wash it well and fill it up with soil. Be sure to choose some kind of fast-draining soil to solve the issue with overwatering. This is crucial since your glass jar will not have any holes. 

You can buy the soil mix online or make it on your own by mixing two parts of organic soil, a part of sand and a part of perlite. It’s best to experiment with the soil a little before planting in the glass jar since succulents have soil preferences. 

Don’t overfill the jar with soil. Fill it halfway and plant your succulents. Ensure you have enough space to maneuver to move the plants when you are arranging it.

Step 3: Place the plants in the soil

Plant the plants in a container filled with soil. Be cautious and plant your succulents straight, not crooked. If there are bruised leaves, cut them out as buried leaves rot easily. Once the plants are in, add the rest of the soil. 

Step 4: Decorate & You’re Done

Finally, start adding the pebbles and sand to the glass container. Make sure you know about the sand type requirements and meet them to ensure your plant’s health.  

Congratulations, now you have mastered the art of how to plant succulent in glass bowl.

Should you plant a succulent in a glass jar?

Succulents are known to be hardy plants, capable of thriving under challenging weather conditions – however, these plants overwater easily. 

Succulents require two things to survive- ideal watering and quick draining soil. If these two conditions are not provided, the plants will eventually die. 

Under such circumstances, it’s always advisable to grow your succulents in pots with proper drainage to prevent moisture buildup. Glass jars, unfortunately, don’t fit that bill. 

Thankfully, a glass jar with succulents will be fine if you keep them indoors. You need to be very particular about the soil mix you are choosing and the amount of watering you do.

Should you plant a succulent glass jar
Should you plant a succulent glass jar?


As mentioned before, most succulents die from overwatering, so watch it. Ideally, you should water your succulents only once a week or alternate weeks. As you have noticed, most succulents have thick fleshy leaves. The plant stores water in these leaves and thus doesn’t need too much. 

Once you have transferred the plants to the glass container, don’t start watering immediately- wait a few days for the plant to adapt to its new settings.

How to Water Succulents in a Glass Jar: Expert’s Tips

  • Consider the container’s weight: Once the succulents are planted and you have wet the soil mix enough, weigh the container. If the mix is damp, it will weigh more. If the container is lighter, add a bit more water. 
  • Use a measuring cup: This is something you will learn by practice to determine the exact water volume you will require. Try to add the same amount of water every time you water the plants to avoid the chance of overwatering. 
  • Make use of a pipette: Be it a pipette or a syringe, if you have one, use this to add water to your succulent arrangement. You will determine how much water you require with little practice and an experiment. 
  • Squeeze bottle: Many people also use this to water their plants. The measurements on the side ensure that you add just the right amount of water. 
expert tips below the water the succulents in the glass jar
expert tips below the water the succulents in the glass jar

Other Things to Consider for Growing Succulents in a Glass Bowl


According to experts, you should add fertilizers to your succulents once a year. But what type of fertilizers you should use depends on your succulent.

However, you can lax the fertilization part for your glass jar succulents if you put the succulents in sufficient sunlight and prepare the right soil mixture and water. 

Selecting the succulents

When selecting the plants to place in the glass jar together, don’t only consider the aesthetics. Choosing plants with similar, if not the same, watering and lighting needs is essential. 

As a rule, succulents have varying lighting needs. While some may require a few hours of sunlight, others need low lighting. 

Like sunlight, it’s essential to consider the watering needs. But how? It’s easy- the thicker the leaves, the less the water requirement. If you opt for succulents with similar types of thick leaves, they will have the exact water requirements. 

Keeping these two factors in mind while making your pick of succulents is crucial. 

Space issue

Undoubtedly, a glass container with multiple succulents in varying color contrasts is a sight to behold. But this has its pros and cons. 

For the Pros:

succulents arranged closely hold their shape and give a more finished look. It looks beautiful and is perfect if you sell the arrangement or gift it to someone. 

For Cons:

It isn’t easy to water such closely packed succulents. You need a watering can with a thin spout. This will allow you to go in between the plants and water well. 

Another problem arises when succulents are planted closely together – diverging heights. Some plants may grow bigger and disturb the balance of your arrangement. Such plants can become root-bound. 

Of course, you can solve the issue by regular pruning. You must remove your whole arrangement and cut the roots if your succulents become root bound. Many experts prefer leaving space between the succulents allowing them room to grow. Often, small baby plants appear in these spaces. 

You can consider spreading out the arrangement as that will require little maintenance. Besides, watering will also be accessible. If your design looks too empty with all the space, you can use stones and pebbles to fill the gaps. 

Frequently Asked Questions (fAQs)

Can you plant succulents in pots with no holes?

Yes, you can. But to ensure the plant’s well-being, you need to water the plant well. Succulents don’t do well in waterlogged soil with their roots dipped in water. Besides, ensure they are not left in the rain.

What type of pot is good for succulents?

Since it’s easy to overwater these plants, it’s best to opt for ceramic or terracotta pots. Such material release water better.


Growing succulents in a glass jar look stylish. You only need to get the watering requirements on point. In addition to the different types of succulents, you can also experiment with the different varieties of glass containers. 

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