Dog Tail Cactus vs Dragon Fruit (What’s Better & Why)

Dog tail cactus and dragon fruit bear the same appearance if not viewed in detail, and many take it as the same plant.

But, in reality, both species are different and have different properties and features. Both species differ from each other, having different properties and features.

In this article, I will address the dog tail cactus vs dragon fruit debate. and try to decode all the differences in the form of this article.

Both plants are quite popular today due to their unique appearances and use. Dog tail cactus adds value to your garden with its appearance, while dragon fruit provides you fruit with many health benefits.

Dog Tail Cactus Vs Dragon Fruit Cactus
Dog Tail Cactus Vs Dragon Fruit Cactus

It is beneficial to grow both plants in your garden irrespective of whether you are an experienced gardener or a newbie. You can eat dragon fruit after ensuring you aren’t allergic to it. On the other hand, dog tail cacti cannot be consumed and will be threatful to pets due to the thorns.

They have similar looks in their initial stages of growth. It becomes easy to differentiate dog tail cacti from dragon fruit when they grow. The dragon fruit grows large with thick bits and will leave its fuzzy spines.

Read further to understand more about Dog tail cactus vs. dragon fruit. We hope our detailed research will help you to grow these cactuses in your garden and see them blooming soon.

Is a dog tail cactus the same as a dragon fruit?

Though both belong to the cactus family, they differ in various ways. Initially, they have the same appearance, and a dog-tail cactus can be differentiated from dragon fruit only when they grow. People often get confused and take dog tail cactus as a dragon fruit plant and vice versa.

Is a dog tail cactus the same as a dragon fruit
Is a dog tail cactus the same as a dragon fruit?

We found only a couple of similarities:

  1. Look-alike appearance at some point in their life cycle
  2. Both have a dark greeny and starry structure.
  3. The stem of both the cacti resembles a tail
  4. Both cacti plants are flowery
  5. Both belong to the cacti family.
  6. You may place it in your garden as a decorative plant

Dog Tail Cactus Vs Dragon Fruit (Intro)

This section covers detailed information on dog tail cactus vs dragon fruit.

Dog Tail Cactus

Dog tail Cactus is an air plant, meaning it lives by sucking moisture from air and rain and will grow on other plants but not in a parasitic way. It belongs to the polymorphic species. The dog tail name may have come due to the resembling appearance of a dog’s tail.

Dog Tail Cactus
Dog Tail Cactus

Dog Tail Cactus can grow in an area of less water and is known to resist drought conditions too. The plant typically blooms from March to July, based on the planting time. It has high resistance to adverse climatic conditions and can sustain anywhere, owing to its rugged nature.

Growing Condition For Dog Tail Cactus

Dog Tail Cactus will grow well as an indoor or outdoor plant with a minimum less water. Being an epiphytic plant, it will take all the nutrients and moisture from the air. This quality of the plant saves a lot of your time and worries, as you don’t have to give your full attention.

Dog Tail Cactus may be drought tolerant but requires more moisture in summer. On the other hand, overwatering the plant may rot the roots if you have grown it in a pot. The plant derives its strength from the slow-release fertilizer present in the soil.

Dog Tail Cactus grows well in full sunlight, and you can keep it under the sun for days or months. Dog tail plants typically bloom around March to July, depending on the planting time.

The average size of the plant goes up to 3 meters. It can grow in an area with total sun exposure or in partial shade. The ideal temperature to grow this plant ranges from 39°F to 80°F.

Dragon Fruit Cactus

Dragon Fruit provides many health benefits, and you can consume it similar to that the kiwi fruit. You can grow Dragon Fruit effortlessly and will love the attractive appearance it gives to your house.

The myth around Dragon Fruit is that it was the outcome of dragons breathing. The outer surface of the Dragon Fruit has bright red skin with green scales. Mostly the fruit has white pulp inside with black seeds.

Dragon Fruit Cactus
Dragon Fruit Cactus

The fruit offers many health benefits as follows:

  • Strengthens the immune system due to the presence of antioxidants.
  • Helps in weight loss due to its fat-free nature and high fiber-making quality.
  • Brings down blood sugar levels.
  • Boosts healthy bacterial in your system due to the presence of prebiotics.

Growing Condition For Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit can ideally grow in a container having a width of 600mm and a depth of 250mm. Using well-draining sandy soil for cacti will help in their growth. The time taken to germinate a plant is around three weeks or less. As it is a climber, you will have to support it with a frame or stake.

Dragon Fruit favors a warm climate and exposure to full sun for about 6 to 8 hours daily. Though it will flower within the first 6 to 8 months from the plantation, it will take years to bore the fruit.

Dog Tail Cactus Vs Dragon Fruit Comparison: (Key Differences)

Both belong to the cacti family, and though they resemble the same at a given point, both differ based on their properties, behavior, and usage.

  • Size of the Fully Grown Plant: The dog tail cactus may grow up to 10 ft when fully grown, while the dragon fruit can grow in the range of 8 to 20 ft.
  • Pet Friendly: Dog Tail cactus isn’t toxic, but the small bristles/thorns may get stuck if eaten by pets. Dragon fruit is not harmful to pets.
  • Food or not: Camels are known to eat cacti due to their papillae lined up in their mouths, preventing any damage while they eat food like cacti. Humans don’t prefer cacti as food.Most people consume Dragon Fruit as food.
  • Growing time: The dog tail cactus may take less than one year to grow, and the dragon fruit can germinate within three weeks after plantation, but you will get the fruits after waiting for two years or more.

Dog Tail Cactus Vs Dragon Fruit: Which One to Grow?

Both are attractive, and if you want to decorate your indoor or garden, both can serve the purpose of a decorative plant there. but

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is dragon fruit plant safe for pets?

Yes, it is safe for pets

Are dog tail cacti toxic to dogs?

No, it is not toxic, but the thorny nature and bristels on the surface of the plant may be harmful.

Are dog tail cactuses rare?

Not at all, they are very common.


Dog Tail Cactus and Dragon Fruit resemble in appearance, confusing many of us. Though both belong to cacti family and have attractive features, they appear to different from each other.

Dog Tail Cactus is just a plant and can be used to decorate your garden. Dragon Fruit on the other hand, provides you fruit rich in ingredients that may boost your immune system.

Both plants can be grown in your home garden, one to fulfil your garden decoration, while the other to have fruits benefitting your health.

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